thornconcept’s corporate philosophy and my own are the same. Both have emerged from my background and classical liberal, protestant upbringing in Upper Hesse in the 1950s and 1960s.

This background provided a vision and concepts fostered by my studies (educational sciences, psychology, sociology, romance studies, byzantine studies, Latin, and ancient Greek) in Frankfurt, Rome, and Perugia. I receive important impulses from my long focus on the transfers of culture from Constantinople to Florence, the cradle of innovation and progress on the verge between the Middle Ages and the modern era.

Subsequent stations in life in New York and Washington D.C., as part of my work with transatlantic political foundations, have further honed my eye for global cultural diversity. My extensive international network affords me global mobility and a high degree of autonomy.

All of which I harness to your benefit.


Our world is filled with art. Our work includes art exhibitions and presentations for businesses, the education sector, and public institutions. Art is invariably also communication and diversity.

Our youth is bursting with creativity. By way of unique educational projects, we familiarize young people with contemporary art and enable them to discover and express their creative potential. Art develops skills and strengthens our identity.

Our economy is bristling with innovation. With international programs of dialogue that play well with the media, we connect the realms of culture and business, helping to bring the creative potential of both to full fruition. Art creates innovation while carrying on tradition.

We are no less responsible for our politics than politics is answerable to us. Through diligent communication with the political powers that be, we facilitate and strengthen civic engagement and the cooperation of all the cultural and education sectors. Art is integration and participation.